FORUM RULES (Please read!)

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FORUM RULES (Please read!)

Post  Kyrie on Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:33 am

The rules are simple. There are four (4). Easy stuff to follow, I'm pretty laid back and lose when it comes to stuff like profanity. But these are things that absolutely cannot go on in this forum:

-Flaming; Don't be an ass. Don't start a poop storm just for the hell of it, kai?

-Racism; I know everyone hates white people but please, no racist remarks here.

-Trolling; Seriously dude. Get a life. Everyone knows a troll is a pussy because he knows it's the internet and he can't get his ass whooped.

-Pornographic Material; It's one thing to talk about it in text, another to actually post pictures. Don't please. It's disturbing to some folks.

These are basic rules. There are other ones too but those go without saying. Like spamming, purposely being annoying, and posting in the wrong forum. So if you follow all thse, we'll be at peace. All of us. Come on, folks, this is a community.

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